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OTR3® is a biotechnology company with a strong lead in Research and Development, which excellence has been recognized by the European Commission (SME H2020 Instrument) and the French National Research Agency (ANR).

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Principelle offers products and services to Distributors and Clinicians interested in results. Clinical outcome is what counts. Specialist staff at their Distributors, doctors and nurses all aim for their work to be effective. That is an accomplishment in today’s clinical and business setting.

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We are the brand of health that brings affordable avant-garde to doctors, clinics and hospitals who want reliability in diagnosis for quality of life. Working with health is to work with now, the “today”, the undelayable.We are one step ahead to put technology and innovation in the hands of healthcare professionals who demand quality and competence. So that today they have the technologies that only tomorrow offers.

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National Centre for Nuclear Research Radioisotope Centre POLATOM is manufacturer and distributor of the isotopic goods applied in medicine, research and development, industry and environment protection. Activity of the company contributes to development of the nuclear medicine, biochemistry, radiochemistry, molecular biology and other fields, which apply radioactive isotopes.

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APOLLO RT is a group of young, dynamic, and professional international managers; our Company focuses on manufacturing high-quality contrast media injectors, syringes & disposables, widely used in medical imaging field. We believe that our customers’ request is top priority, and insist that high quality is essential. Our company‘s culture is based on the need of our customers. We make sure that we can help them achieving their greatest value in diagnostics. Our purpose is to supply World Wide medical field through our current products and to develop innovative products in accordance to future needs and techniques.

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