About us

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Who are we?

Extramile is an Egyptian company based in Cairo, Egypt where we are exclusive partner of a range of medical solutions. We are specialists in medical Diagnostics, Treatments, Wound Care treatments and equipment’s for hospitals, clinics and primary care that integrate with the buildings and building services. Our specialist fields include Fluorescence Imaging, diagnostics and Health Care.

A dedicated team of certified physicians, expert technicians and call center agents provide unique presales and after sales service with an extensive portfolio for corporate, governorate, public and education sectors clients all region wide.

We are ready to offer technology and innovation at the fingertips of health care professionals who demand quality and competence. We are Extramile ahead so that health care professionals have the technology that only tomorrow can offer in MENA region.

Our Core values

To realize moral and professional obligations while keeping promises to stakeholders.

Ethics is inherent to our business by nature leading to practices of the highest ethical standards Conscience of each and every member is the guard of our deeds.

We believe in extending own resources to improve the mode of living in the community.

We consider customer satisfaction the primary benchmark of success.

We invest in human capital and in power or associates to realize their full potential.